Foreword of R&D and Commercialisation Vice President

Prof Ts Dr Faidz Abd Rahman

In today’s competitive and globalised world, research and development activities must be carried out continuously for greater societal impact. UTAR places great importance on research, development and commercialisation (RDC) in support of the Malaysian Government’s Economic Plan and UTAR’s transformation into a global university.

Through the dedication of our researchers and supported by a good research ecosystem, UTAR has achieved outstanding research output in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security,   Smart Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Waste Water Treatment, STEM Cell, Psychology, Virtual and Augmented Reality, E-Commerce,  IoT, Behavioral Science, Plant Physiology, Chinese Studies, Construction Management, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sensor.

UTAR also strives to collaborate with the local industry especially the small and medium enterprise (SME) by providing R&D support and professional training for them to align their businesses with the new trends. Some of the R&D activities have resulted in the creation of new invention and technology. UTAR is always actively working with the industry to commercialise the inventions to benefit the community and society at large.

Malaysia’s National Entrepreneurship Policy aims to support the nation’s economic agenda and create a conducive and integrated entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. In this respect, UTAR through its Entrepreneurship policy has the objectives of establishing an entrepreneurial culture among UTAR staff, students and alumni with the purpose of nurturing and accelerating the successful development of businesses or start-ups/spin-offs to support the economic growth of the nation.

“Intellectual Pursuit through Sustainable Research”